With passion for vision care

Dr. Michael Roy graduated from the New England College of Optometry in 1970 and accepted a commission in the United States Navy Medical Service Corps. He spent three years at the Naval Hospital on Treasure Island in San Francisco, and in the fall of 1973 he established a private practice in Walnut Creek.


With his associate Dr. Stephanie Chan at Insight Vision Care,  Dr. Roy offers comprehensive vision care to adults and children with emphasis on explanation and patient satisfaction. They fit the latest spectacle and contact lenses in standard and designer frames, and they offer vision therapy for crossed eyes and learning disability to patients of all ages.


Vision is more intimate than our appearance, and we take it for granted.

When vision goes wrong, there are four things we can do to fix it:

1. We stare.

2. We blink.

3. We rub our eyes.

4. We give up and  go to sleep.

If the problem persiststhe next day, we are forced to seek professional care.

Dr. Roy will:

1. Listen to your problem.

2. Perform a thorough and interesting visual analysis..

3. Explain your problem in layman's terms. 

4. Lay out a treatment plan to address the problem.